The best virtual credit cards in Germany | (2023)

The best virtual credit cards in Germany | (1)

Virtual credit cards are not very common in Germany. But they have become more popular because online shopping is rapidly growing along with the use of online banking. Even in traditional Germany, online spending seems to be the new normal.

The best virtual credit cards in Germany are:

  • Bunq (master card)
  • VIABUY (MasterCard)
  • banco online (MasterCard)
  • Neteller (MasterCard)
  • VIMpay (MasterCard)
  • Kredupay (Mastercard)

So, you've been living in Germany for a while and you've decided to make paying and shopping online easier? A virtual credit card can be a good solution for this. In this article, you will learn all about virtual cards in Germany and which one is better.If you need a suitable credit card in Germany, seeThis article.

The best virtual credit cards in Germany

The best virtual credit cards in Germany | (2)

Unfortunately, virtual credit cards are not as well known and widespread in Germany as they are elsewhere. Here we have selected the best ones, so you can easily buy online in Germany or internationally:

  1. Bunq
  3. banco online(MasterCard)
  4. Neteller(MasterCard)
  5. vimpay(MasterCard)
  6. Kredupay(MasterCard)
VIABUYeasy bunq bench
1st year tuition69,90€2,99€
Second year annual fees19,90€2,99€
money transfersBookBook
payments in eurosBookBook
Payments in currencies other than EUR2,75%Book
Cash withdrawals worldwide5€0,99€

Our Pick: Bunq

The best virtual credit cards in Germany | (3)

Bunqi is a relatively new banking concept founded in the Netherlands. The new generation banking offer; all online, simple and fast.

If you live in the EU, Bunq is a great option. This will allow you to bank not only in Germany but also in other countries at no cost.

Bunq is one of the best online banks; the app has an amazing user interface and is easy to navigate.

The personal account costs EUR 2.99 per month; with this, you will have 25 sub-accounts, several debit cards, including MasterCard and Maestro, and a travel card at no additional cost; everything will be shipped to you.

They offer a 1 month free trial during which you can test the product.

The best features of Bunq:

  • Bank account with no credit score check
  • Shop securely with disposable virtual cards
  • Instant transfers/payments
  • Free ATM withdrawals
  • 3 free cards (1x Maestro, 2x Mastercard), 5 online virtual cards and up to 25 IBAN bank accounts
  • 24/7 lockable, support for 7 languages
  • online and mobile banking
  • banking app for your smartphone

*If you are self-employed, a special account for you with easy payments, taxes and invoice management.


VIABUYis a prepaid Mastercard credit card that you can use anywhere in Europe and abroad. It's possible thanks to the IBAN you'll get with that card. IBAN comes in handy when you need to transact within the EU on a regular basis.

Registering with VIABUY is simple. You just need to prove your identity and address.

The best features of VIABUY:

  • European IBAN
  • Free SEPA Transfers
  • compatible with all German bank accounts
  • High acceptance rate
  • No Credit Score Checks
  • Free payments in euros
  • 24/7 customer service


  • Annual fee of 69.90 euros for the first year, but only 19.90 after

banco online

Netbank is a regular German bank offering bank accounts, cards, loans and financing, and deposits.

The best features of Netbank:

  • Virtual Mastercard, plastic free, easy handling
  • Add funds from any German/foreign bank account
  • Available after 24 hours
  • No Credit Score Checks
  • Fast recharge in 24 hours
  • worldwide use
  • high security
  • The fee is only EUR 7.50 per year.
  • The limit is 10,000 euros

accountant grandson

NetellerIt is an online wallet that you can use to shop online, pay, transfer money, buy and sell cryptocurrencies in the UK.

The wallet comes with a virtual Neteller MasterCard and a physical card. It works almost like a bank account.

Best Neteller Features:

  • Available and works in over 100 countries
  • Available in 28 different currencies including EUR, USD, AUD, GBP, CAD, INR
  • Add money via bank, credit card, debit card, POLi, BPAY, iDEAL, cryptocurrency, etc.
  • Spend up to EUR 6,300 per day

VIMpay Prepaid Mastercard

VIMpay is a mobile payment system based on a prepaid Master Card. The card system was developed and launched by the two fintechs PayCenter and petaFuel.

The best features of VIMpay:

  • no annual fee
  • No contract period
  • Management of multiple accounts in a single application
  • Compatible with all German bank accounts
  • IBAN
  • No annual billing cap
  • Accepted all over the world
  • Mobile payments can be made through Google Pay, Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay and Garmin Pay, as well as VIMpayGO
  • Send money via VIMpay Chat or QR code


  • It can only be used via the smartphone app.

Things you should know about a virtual credit card with VIMpay

  • You must have a German bank account
  • 10 EUR is a one-time activation fee
  • Maximum card balance of 10,000 EUR
  • Annual fees for paid subscriptions from EUR 24 to EUR 96 for Ultra
  • 2% commission for payments in foreign currency
  • You will get a physical card with paid versions

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The Mastercard Kredu Bremen virtual credit card is a novelty on the German market. It is a virtual credit card with a line of credit (overdraft).

The card provider also guarantees easy and convenient use of the Mastercard card with a credit line of up to EUR 2,000 if you need financing. Therefore, KREDU helps you in unexpected financial emergencies 24/7.

Best features:

  • tarjeta mastercard virtual
  • Annual fee of 99 euros
  • Buy the card online and use it immediately
  • 25 EUR initial credit
  • Available to people with a minimum monthly income of EUR 500
  • Limit up to 2,000 EUR in credit
  • worldwide payments

What is a virtual credit card?

The best virtual credit cards in Germany | (4)

As online banking is booming, virtual credit cards are also becoming more and more popular. A virtual card is a credit card where you no longer have a plastic card in your hand, but only the card information you need to make online purchases and payments. This will be enough for any online transaction.

These cards are also called online credit cards and consist of the 4 most important credit card information:

  • credit card number
  • Expiration date (MM/YY)
  • Verification number (CVV, CVC)
  • Cardholder Name

Virtual credit cards are considered a quick, easy and secure way to pay for purchases, trips, services, etc. in line. However, virtual credit cards are the same concept as prepaid credit cards, so you'll need to top up your balance before making a purchase.

So they don't allow overdraft; this is why, in most cases, no credit score check (Schufa) is required. Therefore, almost everyone can apply for a virtual credit card. Forregular credit card, you will need some kind of income.

You can apply for a virtual credit card quickly and easily online.


Virtual credit cards are payment cards that are mainly suitable for online purchases and are usually issued without a credit check.

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Is the virtual credit card a good option for you?

If you really like shopping online (especially internationally), this type of card can be a great solution while living in Germany. Also, a good virtual credit card is free.

Also, a virtual credit card can be particularly suitable for people who cannot apply for a classic credit card due to a negative credit score.

Virtual credit cards are payment cards that are mainly suitable for online purchases and are usually issued without a credit check. However, they are only suitable for online payments.

Unlike German credit cards, you won't get an overdraft service with a virtual credit card. Therefore, a customer must load some funds into the account before using it.

You can recharge a virtual credit card with:

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Western Union

You must have some other payment option available, such as a regular German debit or credit card. Never rely solely on virtual credit cards.

Finally, virtual credit cards definitely cannot compete with standard credit cards. Its use is very limited, both in everyday life and when traveling.

Therefore, we recommend getting aclassic credit card, which offers much more freedom and flexibility. Check out these providers: Mastercard Gold, DKB and AMEX Free Cashback.

Anyway, if you need money, you can also apply for a personal loan in Germany without opening any credit card. Read here about how foreignerscan you take a loan in germanyand more aboutpersonal loans in germany.

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Advantages of virtual credit cards

There are definitely some benefits that you will get with a virtual credit card:

  • No Credit Score Check (SCHUFA)
  • Easy application with no waiting period
  • Full control of expenses
  • Security
  • worldwide acceptance
  • Available for people with low or no income
  • Available for people with bad credit scores
  • easy reload
  • No physical card, no risk of theft
  • No need to set up a new checking account

Disadvantages of virtual credit cards

As always, some disadvantages come with using virtual credit cards:

  • No real physical credit card
  • Can only be used online
  • No cash withdrawals
  • Possible fees: annual fees or top-up fees
  • Potential fees for purchases in different currencies
  • not suitable for travel
  • No possibility of overdraft (in most cases)

Virtual or regular credit card?

As you can see, virtual credit cards have some limitations, especially when you want to borrow money from the card provider. It's also not suitable for traveling if you're into that.

Therefore, all frequent travelers must apply for areal credit cardWith this card, you can also pay for all your purchases online.

In addition, many classic credit cards offer many other benefits, such as:

  • Contactless payment in stores
  • Pay and withdraw money for free worldwide
  • Booking rental cars or hotel rooms
  • In some cases, you will receive additional insurance coverage.
  • Bonus programs: accumulating Payback points and miles.

Since virtual credit cards often include fees, you'll save money with aregular credit card. Also, many credit card providers offer rewards or funds for new customers. However, for some reason,Germans hardly use creditcards, but this will likely change in the near future.

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The best credit cards in Germany

The best virtual credit cards in Germany | (5)

Our top alternatives to virtual credit cards in Germany are:

  • American Express refund
  • DKB Visa credit card
  • View
  • Free Gold Mastercard
  • TF Mastercard
  • Santander BestCard Basic Free
  • Classic credit card 1822direkt

[table id=28/]

If you are looking for a free regular credit card with a credit limit, which you can use for everyday life in Germany and when traveling, the DKB credit card, including a current account, is a good choice.

This card is one of the best in Germany; can be used abroad free of charge (payments and withdrawals).

In the end, you have to decide for yourself which option is better, a virtual credit card or a classic one. Eventually, you can use your German current account for the necessary payments and transactions; check out all the opportunities!

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