18 Benefits of Capital One Venture X (2023)

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When Capital One launched the Capital One Venture X Rewards Credit Card with $395 Annual Fee in late 2021, they created a premium travel credit packed with enticing benefits. The card's value is augmented by Capital One's growing list of airline transfer partners and is an obvious addition to any bona fide point collector's arsenal.

When looking at the benefits of any travel credit card, there are four important things to consider: welcome bonuses, earning rates, redemption options, and recurring benefits. Also, when talking about premium cards like the Venture X, it's worth bearing in mind the ongoing protections on offer. While the Capital One folks may have taken a little longer to join the ranks oftransferable points coins, the Venture X card was worth the wait.

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Generous Welcome Bonus

Capital One Venture X currently offers 75,000 bonus miles after spending $4,000 on purchases within the first three months of account opening. Thanks to its extensive list of transfer partners, that's enough for a one-way business class plane ticket to almost anywhere in the world. In addition, the earning potential of this card is also fantastic, allowing you to quickly increase your mileage balance.

Great Rewards for Travelers

Capital One has made it easy to accrue miles quickly, especially for those who spend money on travel. This card clearly puts travel spending first, earning a generous 2 miles to the dollar on all eligible purchases, 5 miles to the dollar on flights booked through Capital One Travel, and 10 miles to the dollar on hotels and car rentals when you book. through Capital One Travel.

For those travelers who prefer to book their flights or hotels directly rather than using an online travel agency like the one offered by Capital One travel site, the Venture X card offers double miles on all other purchases across all scopes. That means no matter what you buy with the Venture X card, you're guaranteed to earn at least 2 miles for every dollar you spend.

Multiple redemption options

As a transferable points currency, when it comes to redemptions, Capital One offers three main options: You can transfer yourCapital One Rewardsto one of the issuer's travel transfer partners directly (mostly on a 1:1 ratio), you can redeem miles for travel purchases, or you can redeem directly through the Capital One Travel portal.

Transferência de milhas para companhias aéreas parceiras

Capital One took a big step forward in January 2019 when it gave cardholders the option to transfer their miles to partner airline miles (as well as one or two partner hotels). At the time, it was a welcome change and a fantastic value boost for Capital One miles, although the miles carried over at a ratio of 2:1.5 (or 0.75 airline miles for each Capital One Rewards point). . However, in June 2022, Capital One improved the ratio to 1:1 for nearly all of its partners.

Earning miles this way can be a huge boon for travelers looking to boost their mileage with business class international redemptions. With a little research, you can unlock some real mileage redemption gems by transferring points to programs like Etihad Guest,plane,blue flightand others.

Redeem for travel purchases

Redeeming directly through Capital One Travel means you can offset the cost of any retail travel purchase, regardless of whether or not there is proper "mileage availability". The good thing about this feature is that you don't have to pay the entire purchase with your points if you don't want to; You can choose to only offset part of the cost if you don't have enough miles or just prefer to save some for a future trip.

Redeem at Capital One Travel Portal

Interestingly, when it comes to redeeming miles for cheap flights, booking through the Capital One portal often offers better value than transferring to partners. You can also use the portal to book hotel stays where you don't need to use elite benefits. Finally, if you are not a traveler, you can redeem your points for the same amount of $0.01 per point on gift cards directly through Capital One.

recurring benefits

In addition to ongoing travel and protection benefits, the Venture X card comes with three notable recurring benefits: a birthday bonus, an annual travel credit, and aTSA PreCheck or Global Entrycredit. It's important to note that while some benefits extend to both the cardholder and authorized users, these three recurring benefits are offered only once for the entire account, not once per cardholder.

A 10,000 Mile Capital One Venture X Anniversary Bonus

Starting in the second year of card membership, all Venture X cardholders will receive a 10,000-mile anniversary gift worth $100 for travel when booked through Capital One. These points come with no strings attached and are deposited annually on the cardholder's birthday after paying the annuity. As a result, they can be used along with your other points, just like any other miles you earned in the previous year.

An annual travel credit

In addition to a birthday mileage bonus, Capital One offers each Venture X cardholder up to $300 in travel credits each year. This credit is valid for any travel purchase made through the Capital One Travel portal. If you usually book directly with a hotel, airline or car rental company, be sure to make at least one booking through the Capital One portal to take advantage of this generous annual offer.

A $100 Trusted Traveler application fee credit

As is the case with other premium travel credit cards, Capital One Venture X offers a $100 credit toward a TSA PreCheck or Global Entry application fee. A nice bonus with this benefit is that the primary cardholder or an authorized user can use this credit. Keep in mind, however, that the credit can only be used once per valid period; therefore, it's best that you and your authorized users are in sync about who gets the subscription fee credit.

Other Valuable Benefits

After reviewing the rewards structure of a credit card, especially one in the travel space, the "extras" deserve some serious consideration as well. Almost all premium rewards cards offer welcome bonuses, annual or recurring benefits, and some type of tier spending bonus to encourage the use of their product. On top of all that, some of Venture X's lesser-publicized perks, like travel and purchase protection, price watching, and lounge access, make this card shine.

Primary Car Rental Coverage

Você nunca sabe quando as coisas vão dar errado, mas, felizmente, o Venture X cobre você em vários cenários.

When you pay your entire car rental with your Venture X card and waive any collision damage or loss coverage offered by the agency, your card payment acts as primary rental insurance for up to $75,000¹. This can save you money on the total cost of your rental, as most car rental companies add an additional fee for more comprehensive coverage.

Status Elite com a Hertz

All cardholders, including authorized users, can enroll in complimentary President's Circle status with Hertz Rental Cars², which is your highest status level and entitles you to perks like skipping the counter and going straight to your car at select locations and a free automatic car class upgrade.

Travel Insurance and Protections

Another useful set of benefits that come with the Venture X card are the trip delay¹, cancellation and interruption¹ protections you receive. Benefits cover up to $500 for a flight delayed more than six hours if tickets were purchased with the Venture X card and booked on a commercial flight. Although you are only entitled to one claim per trip, each person in your party can make one claim.

The card also comes with interruption and cancellation insurance, good up to $2,000 for any trip canceled for a covered reason. Non-refundable travel purchases made with the Venture X Card, including tours, hotels and flights, are covered under this benefit.

purchase protections

In a world where swiping our cards has become second nature and buying things online is more common than ever, having a card with purchase protection can give you peace of mind. The Capital One Venture X Rewards credit card comes with three key purchase protection benefits, divided into purchase security¹, extended warranty¹ and return protection¹.

The Purchase Warranty protects you and your items from theft or damage. These claims are usually quite complicated and almost always require a police report or other official documentation, but the benefit covers up to a maximum of $10,000 per item and up to $50,000 per year. Best of all, you only have to pay for at least part of the item with your Venture X, instead of paying for the entire purchase.

Extended warranty coverage provides a one-year warranty extension for any product that comes with a built-in warranty of three years or less. The benefit here is capped at $10,000 per claim and $50,000 per calendar year, but if your item is worth less than the $10,000 limit, you cannot claim beyond that amount.

Last but not least, there's one that's hard to find outside of the premium travel credit card space: Return Protection. Whenever you have an eligible item that you purchased with your Venture X and you want to return it within 90 days, but the merchant is unwilling to accept your return, you can request a refund for the item through Capital One up to a maximum amount of $ 300 per item up to a maximum of $1,000 per year.

Authorized user access feature

This particular benefit is worth mentioning for those who want to quickly move their children or other family members to good credit. Generally speaking, most banks require authorized users to be a certain age before officially adding them to the account with a Social Security number. However, the Capital One Venture X card allows you to add anyone as an authorized user at no additional cost. This is very useful for parents who want to increase their children's credit profiles.

Access to the large lounge

Ownership of the Venture X card unlocks access to three separate groups of airport lounges. Cardholders can visit the issuer's Capital One lounges. As of September 2022, the only one operating is at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), but two more will open soon at Denver International Airport (DEN) and Washington, D.C. Airport. Dulles. (IAD).

Venture X cardholders can also apply for a complimentary Priority Pass Select card, which would entitle them to access the global network of Priority Pass lounges. And cardholders also have access to Plaza Premium lounges around the world. Unique among premium cards is that the lounge access benefit is expanded to include even authorized users and includes entry for the cardholder plus two guests.

cell phone protection

Offering a cell phone protection benefit has become increasingly popular with credit card issuers. To take advantage of this Venture X card benefit, simply pay for your entire cellular plan each month with the card, and in return, you'll receive coverage for up to $800 per qualifying claim, up to two claims per year, minus a $800 deductible. $50 per claim¹. Although theft is not included, lost and broken parts, including screen repairs, are covered under this protection.

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In short

From welcome bonuses to generous win rates and high-value redemption options to valuable protections and useful perks, Capital One Venture X stands out in the crowded field of premium travel credit cards.

¹For Capital One products listed on this page, some of the above benefits are provided by Visa® or Mastercard® and may vary by product. See the relevant Benefit Guide for details as per applicable terms and exclusions.

²After enrollment, accessible via the Capital One website or mobile app, eligible cardholders will remain at the upgraded status level through December 31, 2024. Please note that enrollment through the normal Hertz Gold Plus Rewards enrollment process (for example, on Hertz.com) will not automatically cancel. detects that a cardholder is eligible for the program and cardholders will not be automatically upgraded to the corresponding status level. Additional terms apply.

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